A Coup In Camelot
A Powerful New Documentary on the Assassination of President John F. Kennedy

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Directed and Produced by Stephen Goetsch
Written and Produced by Art Van Kampen
Narrated by Peter Coyote

Featuring Interviews with...

Sherry Fiester
Douglas Horne
Dr. David Mantik
Vince Palamara
Dick Russell
Barry Ernest
Jerry Dealey

Douglas Horne
Barry Ernest
Barry Ernest

With a degree in journalism and communications, Barry Ernest honed his skills as an investigative reporter and features writer at newspapers in New York and Pennsylvania. A former speech writer and Press Secretary for the state of Pennsylvania, Ernest found himself fascinated with certain peculiarities in the JFK assassination. His study of this subject over the years has led him to the witnesses of the assassination, as well as the documents at the National Archives. Thirty seven years of astute research and search for a key witness in Dallas’ Schoolbook Depository, culminated in his landmark book, “The Girl on the Stairs.” He has appeared on numerous radio talk shows and been featured in countless newspaper interviews and continues to research, write, and maintain his blog.

Stephen Goetsch
Vince Palamara Peter Coyote
Sherry Fiester Art Van Kampen
Dr. David Mantik Paul Koslo
Dick Russell David Chisholm
Barry Ernest James Neal
Jerry Dealey John Griffiths